The Guilds

Training Guilds:

Her Majesty’s Royal Army – (Fighters.) This is the first association that Queen Elaine established. When she first came to the summer home, every able bodied adult was recruited into the army. Today, they are the great protectors of Elaidenyr, and the most populous combat profession. They combine the traditions of the North with the finesse of the South. Though Paladins are a part of the Hand of the Gods, they still receive a large portion of their training at the facilities of the Army. When they complete their service-year, they pledge a special vow to the Queen. Less of the men and women of the army get sent on missions with small groups. They are much more likely to be found on the borders, or in large groups in nations that Elaidenyr is at war with. Most fighters complete their training in 4 years.

The Hand of the Gods – (Clerics, Monks, and Paladins.) It is said that the Paladin tradition follows Elaine herself, and that the first were an elite group, composed mostly of women, that she recruited and trained in her ways. Becoming a paladin is a particular favorite of martially inclined women. All who go to the Hand of the Gods for their training do so because of a desire to live their life in service of the gods. How they serve the gods is vastly different, with many choosing the priestly path. The Clerics are greatly honored, whether they choose to stay in Elaidenyr or travel with adventurers. However, the Paladins are associated with Elaine, giving them great prestige. The white and gold armor of Elaidenyr’s paladins is practically a symbol of the nation. The Monks are a relatively new addition to the Hand of the Gods, coming into existence in the time since the War of Invasion. A mysterious man from the western elves came to Elaidenyr, and asked for sanctuary in the great temple. They brought him to a safe place, and healed his wounds and fatigue. He was grateful, and pledged his services to the church, and later the crown. He recruited from the potential soldiers and paladins, and taught the alien fighting and life styles of the order he had once belonged to. The first monks astounded the people with their unarmed abilities, and became an honored order. Paladins usually complete their training in 5 or 6 years. Clerics usually complete their training in 4 years. Monks usually perform their service year after 6-8 years, but insist their training is never truly complete.

The Mages’ College – (Sorcerers and Wizards.) Elaine saw right away that her new people had a great untapped potential for arcane magic. The only magical traditions they had brought from the Northlands were the druids, and a small number of bards {savage bards}. Sorcerers had long existed, and been looked upon suspiciously; most hid their talents by joining another trade. Out of the army, she collected all of those with great arcane potential, and called upon one of the archmages of Velzde to instruct them. In the time after the War of Invasion, they formed a school, to train new mages and to further their knowledge of arcane secrets. Now, suspicion of arcane magic only exists when it applies to those who haven’t pledged themselves to the crown. Sorcerers usually complete their training in 4 years. Wizards take as long as they can on their training before pledging the service-year, usually at least 6 years. However, many return to their studies immediately following the service-year.

The Guild Of The Nimble Hand – (Rogues) Those who started the Guild of the Nimble Hand in the time after the War of Invasion were initially singled out from the rest of the army to become archers. When the war was over, many of them continued the study of archery, but the Guild’s focus shifted to skills of fine manipulation; the working and disabling of mechanical devices became their biggest focus. They also teach proper applications of deception, but those who go to the Guild of the Nimble Hand looking to become criminals often find themselves overworked by the instructors. The teaching is, in some ways, much closer to the apprenticeship system then the other collective guilds, but much of the combat training and practice happens in a group environment. Rogues usually complete their training in 4-5 years.

Apprenticeship Guilds: The Order of the Holy Song – (Bards) Elaidenyran bards follow the southern tradition, but keep some of the aspects of the older, northern tradition. The bards of the north were somewhat of a complimentary folk to the Druids, healing and seeing to people’s daily lives when the Druids were busy with matters of defense or inter-village interactions. They’ve retained a greater focus on healing, but these days they are more likely to be found as entertainment, or a sort of public relations.

The Children of Nature – (Druids and Rangers) The group with the strongest connection to Northern tradition. The Children of Nature is a loose translation of what the Northern folk called the Druids, but now it applies to the rangers as well. The traditions were separate before Elaine; Druids were the great leaders, ever traveling and protecting the land, solving disputes between villages. Rangers were simply the hunters and the loners, living in balance and harmony with the land. Elaine saw a potential for a mutually beneficial relationship, and charged the rangers with giving extra protection to the druids as they worked with nature against the invaders. The partnership has remained strong ever since, and it is rare to see a druid without a ranger. Druids complete their training in 4-6 years. Rangers complete their training in 3-4 years.

Craftsmen’s Guild: Where all who intend to create goods do their training. Each of the trades covered by this guild has a representative, but they vote together. Created by Elaine just after the war. Blacksmiths, Woodworkers, and the like, usually complete their training in 4-5 years. Weaponsmiths usually complete their training in 5-6 years.

The Academy: The place for academics. Scientists, inventors, historians, scholars and alchemists all find their calling here. They tend to spend their service-year putting their studies towards bettering Elaidenyr. A fairly common place for people who decide to leave their guild after the service-year, to become farmers or government officials.

The Children of Geribius: Following in the steps of the god of love, wine, fertility, and joyous frenzy, this order produces a strange variety of people. Brewers and Bartenders, Housewives and Prostitutes, Socialites and Priestesses.

The Guilds

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