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The nation of Elaidenyr has required every citizen to go through the process of training and service since the time of the great Queen Elaine. The Midsummer festival has just passed, and the newest set of young recruits is beginning their service-year to the King and Queen.

The group that left their training with the highest marks, or came with special recommendations from their instructors, all come from different guilds : From the Hand of the Gods, there is a noble Paladin. From the Guild of the Nimble Hand, there is a skillful rogue. The Mages’ College contributed a brilliant Wizard. And fresh from their apprenticeships come a soulful bard, from the Order of the Holy Song, and a ranger, one of the great protectors from the Children of Nature.

The tradition has always been thusly : the new recruits, from both mundane trades and combat professions, go to the castle. One by one, they swear at the feet of the King and Queen : “I vow to defend Elaidenyr, until I forever leave her borders, in spirit or in flesh.” They are then sent to someone in the castle and put to work. The best combat recruits always go to the mysterious General Elaine, named for her resemblance to the ancient Queen.

Where will their service-year lead the newest recruits from Elaine’s Land?

Home Page

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