Elaidenyr started out as a small community of northern villagers attempting to carve out a simple agrarian life. It was once called the home of summer in the northern old tongues. The warm, temperate environment was ideal for farming, especially when compared to the harsh northlands. They encountered minor enemies, like kobolds, and raiders from the great southern cities, but they were repelled by those following the warrior traditions of home. There was no central government, but the Druids were looked to for leadership.

The populations flourished, and many of the bordering nations began to grow nervous or jealous. They were attacked by an uneasy alliance of neighboring nations, and would have easily been overcome.

Then a princess from the nation to the South, the great Velzde, came upon her Gold Dragon companion. The princess Elaine brought civilization, the gods of the southlands, and the promise of a great army.

She began the tradition of putting each and every citizen through training from a young age, and the military grew over the next 5 years with help from Velzdean borderguards. When the enemy coalition, now joined by the dwarves of the great city of steel, came over the mountains, they found a great force, calling themselves the children of Elaine.

The army was powerful, but outnumbered. When they were first pushed back, they trembled at the sound of more soldiers coming from the southern hills; however, when they arrived, they wore the same symbol as them; hands clasped beneath a golden dragon. The Velzdean army had arrived. The invaders were purged, and the two armies became indistinguishable as they marched towards the fortress at the center of the nation, a representation of the partnership the two nations would share.

The summerhome was renamed Alelainedenayar, the land of the children of Elaine in the southern tongue.

The people of Alelainedenayar intermarried with those of Velzde, with princess Elaine marrying the son of a prominent druid, who became the first king of Alelaindenayar. Through the shared bloodline, the royalty of the two nations stayed allied, and the new nation became a mix of the culture of the northlands and that which they received from Velzde.

Alelainedenayar became a great kingdom, rivaling the southern cities. As it grew in power, so it grew in size, incorporating the forgotten lands on many of it’s borders – though never to the southwest. As the name was shortened, becoming Elaidenyr, the nations around it changed and disappeared, leading to a combination of friendly trade and constant dispute. But not since the time of Elaine has an invading force gone past the border regions.


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