Calendar and Time

The Northern Folk think of the passage of the year as the four seasons; roughly summer, winter, harvest, and planting. The common people of Elaidenyr are still likely to think of, or refer to, things this way, but most understand the official calendar. It is divided into eight months, each one approximately representing the cycle of the larger moon, Delanya. The smaller moon’s cycles are roughly 1/3 of each month, which are what are called weeks there. Each week is 14 days. There are 20 feast days which are not considered a part of any month.

The Months are as follows:

Planting season: Daedlin
Arledon (Whereas the other months have their southern names, this one is from the Northern name for summer : Elaidenyr was once “Emdarledon”)

The festivals are as follows:

Festival of Geribius: The beginning of the year; falls between Geder and Daedlin. Celebrates all one gained in the previous year, and asks the god of fertility, love, wine, and celebration to bless the year ahead. Usually celebrated with large amounts of wine and partying. Some follow the tradition of draining their wine stores from the previous year in preparation for the new batches. Children born in Ammol are assumed to have been conceived on the Festival of Geribius, and are considered the blessed of him. This cultural association often leads winter-born children to join his order.

The Feast of the First Planting: Rather than any particular day, this festival occurs the night after the first seeds are planted, so it varies based on the conditions of the year. The wine that was left to age over the winter is opened for the first time, and many of the winter rations are eaten. It is not much different from the festival of Geribius, though usually somewhat more reserved. Usually falls between the 20th and 30th days of Daedlin.

Soldier’s Night: Even though they revere Terryssya over Ajordil, this festival to the soldier god has still made its way into their culture. The men and women of her majesty’s royal army are honored; those who have died in service of the crown are remembered and mourned. It falls between Daedlin and Serel.

Calendar and Time

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